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Diving Regulators

The diving regulator has close links with Aqualung, as we invented it. Having been a world leader for 80 years, we are doing everything we can to remain a world leader in the future.

The diving regulator, Aqualung's identity

A legacy to preserve: The first diving regulator was the result of a 1943 collaboration between the famous oceanographic explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau and the engineer Emile Gagnan. For the first time, humans were able to explore the seabed with the help of compressed air tanks and a hose supplying the diver with oxygen.
To mark this revolution in the world of scuba diving, the company Spirotechnique was created in order to sell the first diving regulator, known as the CG-45. Spirotechnique since became Aqualung, the world leader in scuba diving equipment, mainly thanks to our unrivalled expertise in diving regulators. While we are proud of this achievement, we always maintain high standards by working with expert divers in our research, marketing and design teams.

The LEG3ND series, a breakthrough in diving regulators

In 2002, the release of the Leg3nd dive regulator marked a technological revolution for underwater enthusiasts. Unequalled breathing comfort in all conditions, a sleek design and multiple innovations were to make the Leg3nd the world benchmark for diving regulators. Since then, we at Aqualung have been helping the Leg3nd series continue to dominate and it is now on its 3rd generation. We've combined them with our latest patented technologies such as the Master Breathing System for the Leg3nd MBS, designed for optimal inhalation adjustment. And Leg3nd regulators are also the only regulators with overcompensated diaphragms at Aqualung.


Aqualung, the widest range of diving regulators

At Aqualung, we have 5 large families of diving regulators, all available with either caliper connections or DIN and Nitrox connections. But some of these series include several models so you can customise your preferences even more when it comes to your diving style.

Four large families of regulators for all types of divers

There are many parameters to consider when choosing a dive regulator. Your diving level, the dive site, whether it is in hot or cold water, how often you dive, your breathing preferences and of course your budget. At Aqualung, you can choose between 4 large families of regulators: Legend, Helix, Titan and Calypso.
Diving regulars will naturally go for the Leg3nd series and those who want an introduction to the underwater scene usually opt for the Calypso. A diver scouring the planet in search of exotic fish, crustaceans or shellfish will opt for the light and compact Helix, which is easy to take from place to place.

Different versions within regulator families for even more customisation

For some families of regulators such as the Leg3nd series or the Helix series, we have created several different versions of diving regulator to further customise your diving style. As well as the Leg3nd, we have also created the Leg3nd Elite for more precision adjustment of inhalation sensitivity or the Leg3nd MBS which uses the Master Breathing System technology. The Helix Pro has also been designed independently of the Helix, for diving in cold water with temperatures below 10°c. 

Technological innovations for increased performance

Thanks to incredible work by our team of engineers, our diving regulators feature lots of technical innovations. The Venturi technology in the Calypso and Titan and other models, is a knob built into the regulator's second stage which you can set to maximum for an automatic air injection without needing to actively inhale. The Automatic Closure Device on the Leg3nd, Helix Pro and Leg3nd MBS is a mechanism installed between the block valves and the first stage to protect your first stage from sand or pollution getting in when disconnected from your compressed air cylinder. You can discover all the other technology we use in the descriptions of each regulators.