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ADMIRAL III - Dive Gloves 2mm
ADMIRAL III - Dive Gloves 2mm
15 styles 3 colors
VELOCITY - Dive Gloves
VELOCITY - Dive Gloves
9 styles 2 colors
5mm Heat Gloves
5mm Heat Gloves
5 styles

Dive Gloves

If you want even more protection when diving, try Aqualung gloves for comfort, warmth and safety. 

Perfection at your fingertips

Divers' hands experience a lot of stress, especially when you make adjustments to the dive regulator, stab vest, etc. With Aqualung diving gloves, you can be sure you're protecting the main tool you use in your underwater explorations. 

Protect your hands from cold and fatigue

Your extremities are the parts of you that are most sensitive to the cold and that are also the most at risk in the underwater environment. We have therefore developed a range of gloves to look after divers' hands. Exceptional softness and reduced muscle fatigue Aqualung diving gloves are designed with materials carefully chosen by our engineers to ensure that your hands are protected by the demanding underwater environment.
The Seeflex neoprene used on the Dry Comfort gloves ensures that your hands are sheathed in a genuinely warm envelope. The cut of our gloves also plays a key role in reducing the muscle fatigue experienced by the fingers.

On Dry Comfort gloves the pre-curved fingers reduce fatigue and increase comfort. The sculpted cut of our Thermocline gloves reduces muscle fatigue as the divers fingers can flex lightly and naturally, while the stretchy fingers on the Admiral series and Velocity gloves give your hands great freedom of movement.

Waterproof gloves that genuinely feel warm

The welded seams on most of our gloves such as the Dry Comfort or Thermocline models are more watertight because there's a lower risk of tearing. Velcro fastenings as seen on our Admiral II and III, Velocity or Thermocline gloves prevent water getting inside the glove. We even included 2 mm gussets behind the zip on the Thermocline Zip to make the glove more waterproof in addition to the zip system.

Extra protection for your hands

Divers' hands are constantly being put to the test during underwater exploration. As well as underwater species that can sting or bite such as jellyfish, sea urchins, rays, sharks, moray eels or other fish, divers can also damage their hands with their own equipment. In fact, it's easy for your diving knife to slip or for you to get your fingers caught in your stab vest. Aqualung diving gloves feature a textured section on your palm (see our Liquid Grip gloves for example) to help you handle your knife safely.
Our Thermocline gloves use Sure Grip technology with a rubber palm. 

Our focus on making the product sustainable

At Aqualung, we want to offer divers gloves with an optimal life span, which is the same way we approach all our products. We have developed several technologies to make Aqualung diving gloves more robust than the standard gloves on the market.
The palms on the Admiral series gloves have a poly-suede coating that increases the product's durability. Poly-suede patches have been incorporated into the palms and fingers of our Velocity gloves.
The seams on our Liquid Grip gloves are covered with liquid rubber to prevent tearing. There is a thick rubber coating on the Dry Comfort gloves to make them stronger. Last but not least, our Thermocline series of zipped gloves feature a zip made of brass for unparalleled durability.