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Dive Boots

There is a wide range of Aqualung diving boots that are designed to fit your diving style and thus provide increased comfort and safety.

Aqualung diving boots enable you to expand your field of exploration in greater comfort and safety. 

Aqualung diving boots: long-lasting comfort

Exceptionally comfortable feet! Aqualung diving boots make your wetsuit feel like an extension of your diving suit right down to your toes. Much more manoeuvrable and comfortable than fins, our team of engineers and designers have turned your Aqualung boots into your new ocean slippers. The seam reduction on the Echozip, Echomid or Superzip series prevents foot and toe chafing. The patented ERGO insoles and outsoles on the Superlow, SuperZip, Echomid or Echozip series mould to the shape of your foot so that your foot and boot meld together. The Best Fit technology on the Ergo Neoprene Socks series is designed for minimal materials and seams so that your foot and the sock become one. Manta Boots are special because they are inspired by a running shoe with cushioning that supports your arches.

Sustainable boots

As with all other Aqualung products, we make our boots robust and durable. On the Echomid series, Superlow reinforcements have been added to the heel, upper and toe of the boot for support and to provide wear resistance where your fins chafe. On Ergo Neoprene Socks, an elastic cuff prevents the seams tearing from intensive use. Last but not least, all our diving boots with Echozip, Superzip and superzip zips are equipped with YKK#10 wearproof and non-corrosive technology.

A range adapted to all types of diving

Our range of diving boots is designed for all types of diving whether it's in freezing, cold, temperate or warm water. This means you choose your boot based on their thickness as well as your diving preferences. Divers who prefer a zipped system (Superzip, superzip, and Echozip) can choose a thickness of 3 mm, 5 mm, 7 mm based on the temperature of the water where they usually dive. Divers who are rather minimalist or like to travel should choose Ergo Neoprene Socks for their lightness and how easy they are to take with you everywhere. Last but not least, a diver with a somewhat sensitive arch can choose a boot with a reinforced or cushioned heel like Superlow or Manta Boots.

Increase your safety during your dive

Aqualung diving boots have a safety role, mostly because your feet are exposed to the cold, and can suffer injuries and impact damage. The Echomid, Echozip and Superlow series feature a thick sole and a puncture-resistant felt layer to protect you from foot injuries.
Non-slip soles are also built into Echomid, Echozip, superzip and other boots to give you extra support when diving from the deck of a boat for example, or when walking on rocks made slippery by seaweed. Ergo Neoprene Socks have silicone integrated into the sole while Manta boots have a rolling sole for the same non-slip effect.