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Water Shoes

Aqualung beach shoes are ideal for any water-based activity such as snorkelling or fishing.

Aqualung beach shoes: approved for all situations

Aqualung's range of beach shoes has several features to protect your feet from the marine and underwater environment and everything that lurks in it.

Comfort at all times

At Aqualung, we have created a range of shoes so that you can enjoy your water-based activities in total comfort. You'll find comfortable neoprene foam insoles throughout the Beachwalker series, with ergonomic insoles that fit the shape of your feet and toes on the Beachwalker 2.0 and Beachwalker XP shoes. The Beachwalker 2.0 even has a reinforced heel so that you can walk just as comfortably on sand, pebbles and even rock. Cancune shoes have equally comfortable EVA foam. All our shoes are characterised by being extremely supple due to their neoprene and nylon innerboot, which gives your feet great freedom of movement.

Aqualung beach shoes - always ready for use

Quick fit and adjustment Aqualung has created a simple and effective footwear and adjustment system so that you can enjoy your activity in no time at all. The Beachwalker 2.0 shoe has an elastane binding above a neoprene layer for optimal foot support. The Beachwalker series, like the Sporter and Venice, have a shoe-assist device with an elastic tongue above the heel.

We have manufactured our range of beach shoes to ensure that the user can use them as regularly as possible without this affecting the comfort of our products. We therefore needed to develop shoes that dry almost instantly after use so that the user doesn't have the unpleasant sensation of putting on shoes that are still wet when have to go back to the water. To achieve this, our engineers and designers used superfast drying materials such as neoprene and nylon mesh in the Beachwalker series and the Sporter.
The Cancun series uses polyester mesh that also guarantees immediately wicks away water and dries fast.

A real safety consideration

Aqualung beach shoes were created to be versatile, and adapt to multiple water-based activities such as snorkelling, fishing on foot, shorelining, paddleboating, nautical activities etc, etc. The marine and underwater environment can present risks for your feet. Being cut by an oyster or another variety of shellfish, getting the spikes from a sea urchin lodged in your arch, or feeling the painful sensation of walking across a beach of burning pebbles are very common accidents.
Our shoes have features that can overcome these various inconveniences such as thick rubber soles; we use vulcanised rubber on the Beachwalker RS and Beachwalker XP which make the shoes very durable.
Aqualung beach shoes also provide reliable grip for fishing enthusiasts who sometimes venture out onto rocks that have turned slippery with seaweed. The Beachwalker 2.0 has a flexible sole to follow your foot's natural movement for maximum grip on slippery ground. Sporter shoes have a structured outsole to provide you with perfect grip as well.