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DiverLog+ Mobile App

Linking your dive computer to your smartphone like never before.

Staying connected and managing your dives has never been so simple. First, you can sync your dive data on the DiverLog+ App directly to your mobile device via wireless Bluetooth® Smart connectivity (available for iOS and Android). Then, remotely control all your dive computer settings, view dive logs, and profile data, add locations, notes, and other details from your adventures with DiverLog+. No two dives are ever the same, and looking back on your data is a great way to learn more from each descent into the blue.

Let's get social! - You can share your stats, photos, and dive site locations with friends and followers on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platforms.

Effortlessly adjust your settings on the go thanks to Bluetooth® Smart connectivity. Convenience is key with the DiverLog+ App, as you have full remote control of all your dive computers settings via your smartphone. You can adjust the dual Nitrox mixes, gas mixes, user displays, alarms, and more. Moreover, if you have an internet connection, you can update your firmware without needing any cords. Interacting with your dive computer before and after a dive couldn't be easier.

Download the free DiverLog+ App today from the App store and Google Play store.

DiverLog+ Features


  • Configure and set up your dive computer easily before diving directly from your smartphone.
  • View, edit and manage your favourite dive spots and locations.
  • View, edit and manage your dive gear with the customisable digital gear bags feature.
  • View, edit and manage your dive buddies and contacts.
  • Register your dive computer and receive easy access to help and support.
  • Add and register multiple dive computers.
  • Keep track and quickly access personal data, including medical and certification information.
  • Configure preferences, including metric units, language, and more.


  • Download dive data directly from any Aqualung Bluetooth® enabled dive computer.
  • Update firmware to Dive Computers using Bluetooth® Smart technology.
  • Stay connected even when travelling and share your dive info, photos, and video links directly to your social media.
  • Record all your dive data effortlessly, including elapsed time, conditions, computer settings, tank types and sizes, location, dive site, dive buddies, and gear used.
  • Electronic dive log signature function allows buddies and instructors to sign your dive log electronically.
  • Easily review all your recorded data with simple search methods based on max depth, time, location, mode, and more.
  • Synchronise your data between DiverLog+ app and DiveCloud online dive data backup system so you can access your dive records anywhere.
  • Review your dive profile in real-time.
  • See all your dives on the world map, a unique feature called Dive Activity Map.
The perfect duo:

Aqualung Dive Computers with DiverLog+

Connect any of our Aqualung Bluetooth® enabled dive computers to the DiverLog+.

The i330R, i770R, i300C, i470TC, i200C Aqualung dive computers are all compatible with DiverLog, whether on a smartphone, tablet or computer. These DC’s are ideal for advanced divers who love exploring the world and need to rely on their dive computers everywhere they go. Using the Bluetooth® connection lets you transfer your data efficiently to the DiverLog+ app, allowing you to upload your dive parameters wirelessly onto your mobile device.

Add locations, notes, and photos, and manage your dive computer's advanced settings directly from the DiverLog+ app. You can also stay connected no matter where you are and share insights with friends and family into your diving adventures on social media. Finally, you can use DiverLog+ to update your dive computers with the latest firmware in a matter of minutes using Bluetooth® 5.0 connection.

DiverLog+ Summary

DiverLog+ allows you to easily view, edit, and manage your dive records from smartphones, tablets and computers.

The dive detail section gives you all the necessary information, including dive data, location and dive site information, tank and buddy information, gear bag, and more. In addition, you can add your diving buddies and keep your certification and medical information on hand at all times.

Spend time analysing your data in full-screen view in graphical and tabular formats while using simple search methods to access past dives. Then, share your travel experience with friends and see all your dives on the world map, a unique feature called your Dive Activity Map. You can also sync your dives with the DiveCloud online dive data backup system so you never lose them and can look back on them for years to come.

With all the tools you need to plan, manage and analyse every dive right at your fingertips, the only thing left to do is book your next trip. Finally, you can use DiverLog+ to update your Bluetooth® 5.0 equipped dive computer with the latest firmware in a matter of minutes.