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Snorkeling Combos

With our Aqualung snorkelling packs, the whole family can enjoy the mask and snorkel combo of their choice to explore the seabed.

Aqualung snorkelling packs for the perfect holiday

 Snorkelling, or underwater hiking, is very accessible, both financially and in terms of how easy it is. Only masks and snorkels are required, and you can even see fish, shellfish and other underwater species without being a great swimmer, as you can snorkel right by the shoreline.

Snorkelling or underwater hiking, something you can do with the whole family

At Aqualung, we have created a range for men, women and children to capitalise on an activity that they can share together, something which is still unfortunately rare in the diving world.
The Bonita Combo was designed for women and there are also several unisex models with feminine colourways, while children have the choice between no less than five combo models including the Cub Combo Junior, Meerkat Combo Junior, Mix Combo Junior, Racoon Combo Junior and Urchin Combo Junior. 

A large choice of snorkelling packs that leave room for personalisation

Every snorkeller has their preferences in terms of visibility as well as breathing. We have tried to create the best possible combinations of masks and snorkels to suit everybody.

Masks for all preferences

At Aqualung, we wanted to offer you the widest range of masks possible in our snorkelling packs while keeping the prices consistent with what an average consumer of underwater hiking gear would expect. You'll find masks with a central dial like the Hawkeye combo and others without, such as the Compass Pro LX Combo. Some masks have a wider silicone skirt than others for increased comfort, as is the case for the Duetto Combo. If you're a fan of curved lenses with 180° vision, then you'll be more interested in the Versa Combo and its futuristic-style mask.

A selection of quality snorkels

While optical preferences largely determine the choice of your snorkelling pack, some underwater hikers have certain breathing preferences. Aqualung was therefore inspired by several of the brand's top-of-the-range snorkels to create its snorkelling packs. Fans of the Zephyr and its simple purge system can therefore find a snorkel that is quite similar with the Versa Combo. Those who prefer the characteristics of the Zephyr Flex with its ringed section for better flexibility can opt for the Duetto Combo.