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Diving Accessories

Aqualung has you covered A product category that must not be overlooked! There is a tendency to overlook this product category, as it does not seem as essential to an underwater excursion as a pressure regulator, a mask, or a diving suit, for instance.
However, diving accessories such as knives or bags ensure your safety, as well as the maintenance of your diving equipment.

Aqualung safety accessories: added value, for your protection

Prior to your dive, there are several essential steps to guarantee your safety, and the safety of all those who may cross your path in the water, whether swimmers or people on boats. With this in mind, you must set up a visible diving flag, or alternatively you can use a float ball to indicate that there is a diver in the area. These two items are among the standard safety accessories that we sell at Aqualung. We also have a large range of diving knives, which may prove vital in the case of an emergency during one of your excursions within the subaquatic environment. An inopportune encounter with an ill-intentioned marine species, or becoming entangled in a fishing net are situations that can unfold quicker than one might think.

Products that help you prevent your equipment from wearing out

Within this product category, we also offer several safety accessories designed for repairing or extending the product life of your diving equipment. To repair your diving suit, you can use a neoprene glue, which will resolve your leak issue. We also have a wide range of bags, some of which are specially designed to protect your equipment from impact, abrasion and corrosion. 

Aqualung safety accessories, to optimise your experience

Diving accessories are a good way to add some variation to your diving routine, by trying out some new equipment. For example, the use of Aqualung diving lights can provide a new perspective of the sea beds during night-time dives, or can improve the visibility of rocky ecosystems. The use of a diving slate to improve communication with your partner. Take the leap and vary your diving methods, with the help of our safety accessories.