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Snorkeling Snorkels

Aqualung snorkelling snorkels make underwater hiking much more enjoyable while maintaining unbeatable value for money.

Aqualung snorkelling snorkels: combining enjoyment and performance

Our primary desire is always to provide you with comfort and performance whatever the equipment. But for our range of snorkelling snorkels we wanted to advocate a little more fun than we can usually offer with our diving equipment.

Inspirations and innovations to help you enjoy your time underwater

As with our snorkelling masks and fins, we have drawn on our expertise in diving snorkels to provide quality snorkelling snorkels. All of our snorkelling snorkels feature a hypoallergenic silicone mouthpiece, and a one-way purge valve which are usually a feature of our scuba snorkels, for more comfort and breathing performance. The flexible sections on the Gobi or the FXS GO are similar to those found on our Zephyr Flex or Aquilon Flex diving snorkels.

New features for more fun

At Aqualung, we insist on making fun and sharing the focus of the activity. We have equipped our snorkelling snorkels with several different features to support this. Our FXS GO snorkel is equipped with a GoPro mount so you can film your encounters with fish, shellfish and other water-based biodiversity. The Baffin Dry Top Junior snorkel incorporates a whistle in its mouthpiece so that children can call out to their underwater hiking partners if there's danger or simply to share that they've encountered an underwater creature of interest.

Unbeatable value for money

Aqualung snorkelling snorkels have excellent breathing qualities. Our teams have worked hard to make it as easy as possible to breath comfortably by reducing jaw fatigue with the silicone tip design. All of our snorkelling and underwater hiking snorkels are also equipped with systems that prevent water getting in such as Pivot-Dry technology. In spite of the quality of our snorkels, we make sure that we keep the prices affordable for everyone.