Frequently Asked Questions

Terms and Conditions

Where can I find Terms and Conditions for active promotions?

If Aqua Lung has any active promotions, you'll find a list of individual Terms & Conditions here.

Product Registration and Warranty

How do I register my new dive equipment?

The most efficient way to register your product is via our online Product Registration on this website. Product Registration can be found under the support button at the top menu. On occasion there may be special offers available for the registered product, that are available only through Online Product Registration. If you are not able to register your product online, Mail in Product Registration is also available. When you purchase a regulator, alternate air source, buoyancy compensator, or dive computer from an Authorized Aqua Lung America Dealer, you will find a Product Registration Card in the box. Please fill out this card and mail it in within 15 days from the date of purchase.

What is the warranty for my new Aqua Lung dive gear?

The warranty varies depending on the type of gear you purchased. Go to the Warranty and Registration section of this website for further information.

What is the Free Parts for Life Program?

Go to the Warranty and Registration section of this website for further information regarding Free Parts for Life Program.

Owner's Manuals

How can I obtain an Owner's Manual for a particular product?

Owner's manuals are available as a free download on the User Manual's page on this website.

Service & Repair (General)

Where can I get my Aqua Lung product serviced?

We have many Authorized Aqua Lung Dealers around the country that can service your equipment. You can find the dealer nearest you on our Retailer and Dealer Locator page.

How do I sign up for an Aqua Lung Repair course?

Only authorized Aqua Lung Dealers and some Military dive lockers are allowed to take authorized repair courses.

How do I buy repair parts for my Aqua Lung product?

It is our policy only to sell repair parts to Authorized Aqua Lung Dealers. Please visit our Store Locator if you would like to purchase a replacement part.

Service and Repair (Regulators)

Where can I get parts for older Double Hose Regulators?

Aqua Lung no longer has parts for the older double hose regulators. There are a few places that specialize in vintage SCUBA equipment and repairs. Try visiting Vintage Scuba Supply.

Can I use an Aqua Lung regulator with Nitrox, EAN, Safeair?

As of June 2002, all Aqua Lung regulators are approved for use with Nitrox to 40% out of the box. For more information regarding Nitrox and Aqua Lung regulators go to the Nitrox Compatibility document in the Regulator portion of our User Manual's page.

Service and Repair (Buoyancy Compensators)

Can the Sure-Lock weight system be added to my current BC?

Unfortunately we are not able to retrofit the Sure-Lock weight system onto older model BC's.

Can I get a replacement bladder for my older model BC?

Replacement bladders are no longer available for any older model BC. We do stock replacement bladders for our current double bag BC's (2002 model year forward).

My BC air-cell/bladder has been punctured and is leaking air, can it be patched?

The BC will have to be evaluated to determine if the size and location of the puncture is safe to patch. Your nearest Aqua Lung Dealer will be able to perform this service.

What is the proper care and maintenance of my BC?

In addition to rinsing the outside of the BC with warm fresh water, the inside must also be rinsed thoroughly to stop the formation of salt crystals inside the BC. Line dry completely and store partially inflated in a cool dry place away from heat, electric motors and other sources of ozone. Also to maintain the safe operation of the BC, annual service/inspection by an Authorized Aqua Lung Dealer is required. This is also a prerequisite to retain the warranty

Service and Repair (Dive Computers)

Who can service my Aqua Lung computer?

Your local Aqua Lung dealer can perform basic service on your computer. You can find the dealer nearest you on our Retailer and Dealer Locator page.

Do you have a Trade-In or Upgrade Program for older dive computers?

We do not have a trade-in or upgrade program at this time.