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EVO4 - Dive Boots
EVO4 - Dive Boots
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Scuba Diving Drysuits

Aqualung drysuits have a global appeal. Our drysuits are a great success because of their unsurpassed waterproofing, comfort and sturdiness.

Aqualung drysuits are a worldwide benchmark, an unrivalled waterproofing system Aqualung drysuits are internationally famous thanks to a waterproofing system that is unequalled on the market.

High Quality materials

Our know-how is the result of a combination of technologies and the use of quality materials.  The materials we choose in the design of our drysuits or dry diving suits is paramount. Our teams of engineers freely take inspiration from other fields to guarantee you get unparalleled waterproofing. For example, Span-flex, which we use on our drysuits, is used in the construction industry as an under-roofing material to ensure that buildings are watertight. Many of our drysuits are made of trilam, a multi-layered material containing butyl, a synthetic rubber that is incredibly elastic and waterproof.
Our Blizzard Pro drysuit is designed using Yamamoto neoprene, a premium neoprene that enables the suit to stay thick even during the most extreme dives in very cold water. State-of-the-art technology Aqualung dry diving suits are the result of multiple technological innovations.

An iconic example is the Air Core technology used on the dry diving suits in the Fusion series: Fusion Bullet, Fusion Sport and Fusion Xscape. This technology effectively wicks away water vapour created by the diver's sweat to keep the suit completely waterproof inside.
Air Core technology makes our Fusion drysuits more durable than our competitors' suits thanks to a 25-50% seam reduction compared to the industry standard, as well as an oversized cut that reduces tension. The Fusion Sport wetsuit even combines Air Core technology with Spandex, while the Fusion Bullet combines it with super-flexible neoprene, both for maximum waterproofness. 

Comfort and flexible Drysuits

The comfort of Aqualung dry diving suits lies in their ability to retain warmth and flexibility.  World-renowned thermal body protection, our range of drysuits will revolutionise your diving in the sense that you will no longer worry about diving in cold or freezing water. As well as their waterproof features, our drysuits retain the warmth your body needs even during deep dives in icy waters, thanks to the compressed neoprene on the Blizzard series for example. Our high-performance Thermal Fusion underwear is a typical example of the body heat retention capacities of our dry diving suits. In fact, after a long series of cold water and cold weather immersion tests, the Thermal Fusion was approved by the Canadian Sport Innovation centre as the world's number one diving underwear in terms of thermal and body protection.

Flexible and adaptable suits that are compatible with all your diving equipment Although dry diving suits may look imposing, Aqualung's engineers have done everything possible to ensure that you can move around freely. The reduced seams on all our drysuits, the super-flexible neoprene lining of the Fusion Bullet, and the Powertex reinforcements on the knees and buttocks of the Blizzard Pro make our dry diving suits flexible and supple. We also implemented a lot of innovations to make Aqualung drysuits perfectly compatible with the rest of your diving equipment. The Blizzard Pro wetsuit has non-slip printing to support your stab vest's shoulder straps and rubber pieces on the wrist to hold your dive computer.
The MK2 undergarment should be worn under or over your drysuit for increased thermal protection without restricting your freedom of movement.

Robustness, the other benefit to Aqualung drysuits The robustness of Aqualung dry diving suits is also what sets us apart from the competition. We've innovated a lot to achieve this. As well as optimal freedom of movement, the seam reduction on all our garments is also a factor in making them so durable.