Heat Zip Hood

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The secret to keeping warm with a hood is a perfect fit. With the HeatZip's integrated zipper laid over an expanding gusset, you get a snug fit and hassle-free on/off. Includes 7mm neoprene side panels for optimal warmth and grip strips to prevent mask slippage.

ABOUT Heat Zip Hood

Product Details


  • Entry Zipper Unique zipper design achieves a perfect fit and facilitates on/off
  • 7mm and 5mm Neoprene 7mm neoprene side panels and 5mm neoprene crown improve heat retention
  • Triple-Glued and Blind-Stitched Seams Water entry through seams is eliminated to keep you warmer
  • Mask Grip Grip strips on the side of the hood prevent your mask strap from slipping
  • Air Release System Molded vents release any trapped air  
  • Quick Dry Loop Hanging loop at the top facilitates air drying


Style Heat Zip
Material Neoprene, Webbing, Nylon
Weight 0.23 Kgs (0.5 Lbs)
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