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Cold Water Drysuits & Undergarments

Cold Water Drysuits & Undergarments

Cold Water Drysuits & Undergarments

One Suit, Any Environment - Aqua Lung's range of Fusion Drysuits is the most innovative in the world. No other breathable drysuit matches the mobility, flexibility, or environmental adaptability. Patented Thermal Core Technology of the Thermal Fusion undergarments gives you the highest level of insulation, protecting your skin and core temperature in the coldest of temperatures.

Better Than Custom Fit - Oversized inner AirCore drysuit undergarments combined with the outer skin compression layer molds the Fusion to the divers personal body shape providing unrivaled mobility and superior comfort. This dual core system provides safer, easier diving by distributing air evenly inside the Fusion helping you maintain correct trim and buoyancy in all conditions so you can concentrate on your diving and not on your exposure suit. Fusion’s modular system of skins and inner cores can be custom tailored by you to fit your individual diving style and specific water conditions.

Fusion Bullet