All Wet Dive Wear

All Wet Dive Wear

Aqua Lung Wet Dive Wear - Dive Wetsuits, Rashguards, Diving Boots and Shoes for Scuba Diving

Aqua Lung's innovative dive wetsuits, diving hoods and boots offer amazing comfort with premium features to make your scuba diving adventures memorable. Our diving wetsuits are environmentally friendly, using technologies like water-based glues, dope-dyed yarn, and neoprene that includes recycled tires - all built around our most comfortable, super stretch AquaFlex materials. UPF50+ rashguards not only give you protection against UV and chlorine, but they're also stylish and quick-drying for all day fun, in or out of the water. With features like contoured cuts and ergonomic fits, we also offer complete scuba diving gear made just for women - women's diving wetsuits, rashguards for women, we've got a complete and affordable scuba diving kit that looks great and has all the best features. Round out your dive gear with scuba diving snorkel vests, matching diving gloves and military proven dive boots, diving shoes and many other scuba diving accessories that not only keep you warm and protected but looking great.

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